A loft in kIev designed by Slava Balbek


I am love love loving this loft designed by Slava Balbek from The cement ceilings, wood floors, and rustic contemporary mix have set my heart on fire!
I also like Slava's artwork, shown in the dining room above. He seems to be quite the talented guy. Check out Slava's artwork on Behance.

Remember this photo of Iggy Pop! Wow, talk about a blast from the past!

Home Made Almond Butter


There is nothing like home made almond butter. Rich, creamy and preservative free this butter is packed with protein and dietary goodness so when the little red house posted a how to on her blog I just had to share. Click here for full recipe. 

Little house by the Lake


 This little house built by 2by4 is a testament to it's smalldom. Fully functional with a kitchen, bathroom, living room and dining room, it is the perfect country escape. First seen here.

Road Trip


I have been working hard this last little while and so I've been a little absent from my blog but I am going to be back this week with pictures of a few of the projects I've been working on. I recently visited "Lavandou" a lavender farm, and here I am looking through some prints in the barn come studio.

DIY: Copper Salt & Pepper Shakers


This is one of the easiest tutorials you'll ever see. All you need are some IKEA salt & pepper shakers and some copper contact paper and you're good to go. Full tutorial here

Recycled bottles feed stray dogs in Istanbul


Sometimes it's hard to find the good in the world, especially these days with planes being shot out of the sky, wars all over the place and a plague in Africa. I mean what else can happen right? Well today I found a wonderful piece of information on one of my favorite websites called Unconsumption that I am sure will make you smile. 

Pugedon, a Turkish company, has created a vending machine that dispenses food for stray animals when you deposit your empty bottle or can into the slot on the side. Just pop your bottle or can into the machine and food comes out the bottom. If you put some water in the corresponding water slot, this water will also be dispensed at the bottom in a separate dish. These machines cost the city nothing and the recycled bottles cover the cost of the food. What a wonderful way to feed the stray animals who are often starving and reliant on our help. Now doesn't that make you feel better? It certainly did me. Here's the video. 

Contemporary Home in Australia


This is a home for sale in Australia and when I found one of the pictures on desiretoinspire I wanted to see the whole place. I'm glad I did. This inside-outiside home is quirky but delightful. I love the bedrooms and how they all have a link to the outdoors not to mention that awesome living room with glassed in fireplace and exterior patios. Absolutely lovely. I would move in tomorrow! Full listing here.

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